Impacting Lives in the Metaverse & IRL

The Metaverse intrigues some people and raises concerns for others. Is it safe? Is it real? Is it just a game? The "New Horizons" podcast is illuminating how this technology is bringing people together in an immersive way only the Metaverse offers.

We've witnessed people find help and tear down walls that are holding them back, finding a sense of safety behind their avatars. If impacting lives in virtual reality is a game, we say "Game On!"

New Horizons Podcast with Brian & Shawna Curee

Our Metaverse Story

At first I was skeptical of the Metaverse. That's until I had a transformative experience after using an Oculus 2 headset for a commercial we were filming for a radio broadcasting conference. After that moment, I couldn't shake the thought of how this technology could be used to connect with people. I've been working in the digital field professionally since 2007 and I've never experienced connection across digital media like this. So our team developed Killer Bee Studios, a virtual space on the Meta's Horizon Worlds app.

We have now been hosting live shows since 2022 for people around the world to connect and share their life stories and experiences, and you can listen to those stories on our podcast, "New Horizons."

We're Just Getting Started 🚀

We've been pioneers on the Horizon Worlds platform and are just getting started. As we launch Season Four of "New Horizons" we're excited to explore new ways to raise awareness about the possibilities of broadcasting and connecting with people in the Metaverse.

ℹ️ On June 26, 2024, Meta announced people can join us LIVE using their mobile phone or desktop computer. Their vision is to make the metaverse accessible to everyone. VR headsets will no longer be required, but to get the full immersive experience we do recommend it. This approach is expected to drive further growth in Horizon Worlds' user base and engagement over the coming months and years.

Featured Episodes & Feedback

Josh Wilson

CCM Artist • Song Writer

Mark Miller

Co-Founder of Lead Every Day • WSJ Bestselling Author

Rick Party

Voice of ESPN's SportsCenter • National Radio Host

Maggi Thorne

American Ninja Warrior • Motivational Speaker

Tom Rossi

Co-Founder at Higher Pixels • Maker of Buzzsprout

Brian & Shawna Curee

Host & Co-Host of New Horizons Podcast

Rick Party

Rick Party

Voice of ESPN's SportsCenter • National Radio Host

The Metaverse, I believe in it. The most important thing for me in the Metaverse is changing lives. It is a great place to mentor people, get to know people, and touch their hearts through teaching. The energy at Killer Bee Studios is inviting and positive. If you haven't checked out the New Horizons show yet, you're missing out on a truly special experience.

Maggi Thorne

Maggi Thorne

American Ninja Warrior • Tech Warrior for AIM

My experience was truly one-of-a-kind. The interactive audience and vibrant culture they've cultivated in the Metaverse is unparalleled. The studio and stage offer a gateway to an entirely new digital universe that is not only engaging but also thought-provoking and encouraging.

Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Co-Founder of Lead Every Day • Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

My mind has been spinning for the last 24 hours as I imagine the possibilities. No doubt, the platform can be life-changing when powered by the right content. Thanks for your spirit of experimentation and innovation!

Damien Horne

Damien Horne

Musician • Public Speaker • Influencer

Initially, I wasn’t quite sure what the Metaverse was and was concerned about how it might influence people. However, after meeting Brian and getting the chance to share my story and music at Killer Bee Studios, my perspective changed completely. This experience opened my eyes to how the Metaverse can positively impact so many lives in ways I hadn’t considered before.

Paul Adams

Paul Adams

Audience Attendee • The Midlife Mentor

The New Horizons live event was way more than just an interview. I was completely blown away. I got lost in the experience and felt so connected. It really helped me see what’s possible and where all this meta stuff is going. I was a bit intimidated by it all at first but Brian’s son welcomed me to the room and showed me around. Then Brian showed me some of the “behind the scenes” stuff. Amazing!

Get to Know the Host & Co-Host 🎤

Brian and Shawna Curee (AKA Mr. & Mrs. KillerB in the Metaverse), have been married since 2002. Together, they bring unique perspectives to these live broadcast events and the New Horizons podcast, aiming to connect with people through shared experiences. Brian is passionate about encouraging others and revealing purpose, while Shawna has a heart for loving people and meeting them where they are. Their purpose is to inspire people to see we are all more alike than we realize. By sharing life's challenges and triumphs, Brian and Shawna remind us to be thankful and help others move beyond similar obstacles together.

[ A SAFE PLACE ] To help safeguard our live audience and listeners from some of Brian's infamous dad jokes, our Show Producers have been equipped with a Wah Wah button. 😉

Host of New Horizons Podcast - Brian Curee - Shawna Curee

The Studio Insights

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Time Spent with Others

ℹ️ Percentage of time where at least two people were present at the studio.

Average Live Audience per Show


Last updated June, 24, 2024. We aim to update these stats every quarter.

Stats & Predictions From Other Sources

NordVPN and Propeller Insights state that 25% of American adults contemplate the metaverse as a potential successor to traditional social media platforms.

51% of people are looking to escape reality and 47% want to connect with new people in the Metaverse.

According to a study by Dynata, 40% of Gen Z and 36% of millennials are very interested in engaging with their friends within a virtual space like the Metaverse.

Gartner predicts 25% of people will spend at least one hour per day in the Metaverse by 2026.

Apply to Be a Guest

Interested in joining us as a guest on "New Horizons"? Fill out our application to get started. If available, we may be able to ship a VR headset for your interview, giving you the unique opportunity to experience and engage with the live audience in an immersive way. Don't miss your chance to be part of this groundbreaking experience!

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