Horizons Mic Swap

A New Horizons Podcast Series

Coming Soon!

Welcome to “Horizons Mic Swap,” a new series segment of the New Horizons Podcast, presented by Killer Bee Studios. In this series, we dive into the virtual spaces of Horizon Worlds to bring you the stories behind the voices shaping our digital dialogues.

“Horizons Mic Swap” is a journey into the hearts and minds of those pioneering digital broadcasting across the Metaverse. Through these conversations, we aim to uncover their ‘why’ and the unique paths they’ve carved out in Horizon Worlds.

But that’s not all – each interview gets a special spot on the Killer Bee Studios YouTube Channel, allowing you to relive the moments shared in each session. Join us as we swap mics and stories, fostering a deeper understanding of the digital platform’s impact on communication, connection, and community.

Meet The BuzzSquad

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