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“Mindful Bytes” is a podcast dedicated to the thoughtful exploration of digital resources, tech, and platforms that shape our connections with people worldwide. Created for business leaders, organizations, educators, digital marketers, and social media managers, this podcast is your gateway to using digital tools more purposefully and effectively. Your host is Brian Curee. An Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist, Metaverse Broadcaster, Speaker/Guide, Digital Trailblazer, and Innovator who’s passionate about harnessing digital platforms’ power through the ART Framework. “Mindful Bytes” invites you to press pause, reflect, and engage with digital technology in a way that’s aligned with your unique purpose.

At the core of “Mindful Bytes” is the belief that digital marketing, social media, and tech should facilitate connections and foster meaningful relationships and transformative experiences. Brian, alongside notable co-hosts and guests, delves into the nuances of digital engagement, asking more meaningful questions and offering insights on creating a digital presence that resonates with authenticity and purpose.

Digital Buzz & Live Audits
Brian will also introduce short episodes to cover some of the latest digital buzz, keeping listeners at the forefront of technology and digital marketing trends and live digital audits with selected listeners throughout the year. These special episodes aim to ensure that the digital strategies of listeners align with their unique purposes, offering personalized advice and actionable steps for improvement.

Special Co-Host Announcement
We are thrilled to announce that Maggi Thorne, Director of Innovation and Tech Education for the non-profit AIM Institute and a 7x top competitor on American Ninja Warrior, will join us as a co-host every quarter. Maggi is well known for being a global thought leader, inspiration, advocate, and now a strong voice in the tech community. Maggi brings her extensive experience in tech and innovation to “Mindful Bytes,” where she will share insights on all things tech, from cutting-edge developments to how technology can be used to empower communities and individuals, helping to bridge the digital divide.

Guest Appearances
“Mindful Bytes” will also feature a series of guest appearances. These guests will share their expertise, stories, and visions for the future of digital technology, adding depth and diversity to our conversations. Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or simply looking to deepen your understanding of digital platforms, these episodes will provide valuable perspectives and knowledge.

More Than a Podcast
“Mindful Bytes” is more than just a podcast; it’s a community of curious minds eager to explore the potential of digital technology to transform lives and businesses. Whether you want to refine your digital marketing strategy, build an engaged community, or simply find more meaningful ways to use technology, “Mindful Bytes” guides you. We aim to make the digital world more thoughtful and purposeful with every click, post, and interaction. Join Brian as we navigate the digital landscape together, transforming how we connect, create, and grow.

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