The KBS Story

Discover a world where the vastness of virtual reality aligns with the depth of human emotion, experience, and purpose. Guided by the vision of Brian Curee, the CEO of Killer Bee Marketing and known as Mr.KillerB in Horizon Worlds, we see a Metaverse brimming with potential - not just for fun, but for meaningful connections and transformations.

How It All Started

The first step into the Metaverse can be a revelation. For Brian, it was an unexpected journey that began while filming a commercial for the CMB's Momentum Broadcasters' Conference in 2021, encouraging broadcasters to not do digital alone. Beyond the pixels and digital landscapes, he saw people seeking solace, escape, and a hint of something genuine. You can watch that video below. FYI: The offer for a free digital advisory group, mentioned at the end is no longer available. 😉👇

Brian Curee, CEO of Killer Bee Marketing & World Creator of the Killer Bee Studios Network
Brian Curee, CEO of Killer Bee Marketing & World Creator of the Killer Bee Studios Network

This epiphany led him to a compelling question: "How will we share hope and love with people in VR if we're not present?" It wasn’t just about advancing the marketing potential on another digital platform or virtual space. It was about embedding the Metaverse with real-life experiences, stories, and emotions that could touch a heart, spark a memory, or even change a life.

Our Mission

KBSN is a faith-based organization. We are storytellers, dreamers, and innovators. Our mission is simple yet profound:

  • Connect: Reach out to souls in the digital realm.
  • Share: Share real life experiences that can help people IRL.
  • Transform: Through virtual interactions we can help one another navigate life and the challenges we may each face. You're not alone in this journey.

Bridging the Gap Between Broadcasting and VR

Brian believes in the power of firsthand experience. Recognizing the gap in understanding that often exists in regarding the Metaverse, Brian took a proactive step. He purchased multiple VR headsets and began shipping them to influential figures in broadcasting, allowing them an immersive dive into the virtual world curated by Killer Bee Studios. But the journey of these headsets doesn't stop there. After their Metaverse exploration, these headsets are autographed and transformed into cherished mementos. In a grand gesture of community building and appreciation, these autographed pieces are gifted to our loyal KBSN audience, connecting the real with the virtual in a tangible, memorable way.

Entertainment that Connects and Transforms

While the Metaverse expands, so does our commitment to craft experiences that aren't just entertaining, but also deeply human. Step into our world and feel the difference. We don't just play in VR, we bring it to life.

Join us in making the Metaverse a place of heart, hope, and transformation.

How Can You Help Support This Mission?

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